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Our Philosophy

Minorities investing in minorities


Minority Venture Capital was started by a coalition of minority entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and community activists from all around the world looking to empower fellow minority communities through impactful solutions that utilize cutting edge technology.


Minority Venture Capital aims to bring access to knowledge and capital to all communities struggling in the world, while instilling the principles of giving back and social good instead of greed and profit.


We build generational wealth, by directly providing education, mentorship, and capital to minority run businesses globally emphasizing a social good model to success.


Minorities investing in minorities


Did You Know...

  • Less than 10% of venture-backed companies have a female founder (Pitchbook).
  • Only 1% of venture-backed companies have a African American founder (CB Insights).
  • 87% of venture capital-backed founders are white 83% of those founding teams were entirely white (CB Insights)
  • While representing 50% of the labour force, women founders simply got $1.46 billion in venture capital investment in contrast to all-male founder companies receiving $58.2 billion (CB Insights)
  • While women start 38% of businesses in America, only 2-6% of those woman founders receive venture capital (Wharton School of Business)
  • In 2018, Only 1% of venture capitalists are black (BlackVC)
  • Between 2007 and 2012, only 1% of all Latino-owned business received venture capital (Stanford Graduate School of Business)


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